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The Celentano pickups are handmade pickups maker since 1994. In our more than 25 years of research, analysis and exhaustive studio-testing, we have always sought to create a sound that honours the artisans and musicians of the past, always while creating a space for musicians of the future. Check out our new collaboration, they talk about Celentano handmade pickups maker: . in our small workshop in Salerno, gateway to the Amalfi coast region, we build every pickup, by hand, to order. We make no compromises in quality using custom forged magnets and high-quality components. That is to give a warm, clear and the best faithful reproduction of the VINTAGE sound on your guitar. Our hand-wound copper wiring and custom insulation treatment impart a personalized tone that will stand out in your mix in all the best ways. Our goal is to recover the vintage tone of a classic era and reinvigorate the modern one. We do that combining intuitions, experience, and quality artisan craftmanship. Each handmade pickup is scrupulosly tested before sending. The legendary vintage tone from Celentano pickups is the result of more than 25 years of deep research, analysis and exhaustive studio-live testing. Our strenght is the collaboration of many pro guitarist, luthiers, vintage guitar collectors, as well as alnico factories and professionals from all over the world. The Alnico alloy in our pickups have been carefully selected between the best alloy from many factories world wide, you can read more about our materials here, following precise old magnetical and chemical poperties founded in our longtime studies, so melt, forged and tempered following old production methods to obtain those essential that define our high quality tone. Eevery component is vintage correct 100%. Each single pickup is built by hand scatterwinding the best copper wire available worldwide with the old classic insulation treatment.. a perfectly balanced tone that will stand out in your mix in all the best ways !!