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in pickup building, lifelong learning attitude & deep research made the real difference

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custom alnico alloy

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All you want from an humbucking pickup in vintage replica or modern evolution


hss or sss wired,from 300,00 €


vintage or modern alloy, see one single pickup.


soapbar – dogear – humbucker sized 


Vintage temper or modern performances with custom scatter winding and insulation process, a true vintage style with all the components correct 100%.

our high quality pickups are the results of more than 25 years of deep research
our high quality pickups are the results of more than 25 years of deep research
our high quality pickups are the results of more than 25 years of deep research
our high quality pickups are the results of more than 25 years of deep research
our high quality pickups are the results of more than 25 years of deep research


and analysis

A pickup is a magnetic transducer that turns a mechanical vibration into an electric signal, which then is transmitted to the amp.
Leaving out woods, wiring, and hardware, whatever sounds good or bad to your ears is basically determined in the few millimeters between the strings and the poles, by an invisible electromagnetic field that, although can’t be detected with the naked eye, can’t lie to a trained ear.
In the multiple parts employed in the tone build of a pickup, the magnets, their composition, and magnetic and chemical properties, make up the real core of the guitar tone, like a soul; therefore, we focused all our research and studies on finding the right alloy for the tone we were after.

the highest

quality copper


pickups set handmade by celentano pickups



Whether it be a strat pickup for a tele neck, a humbucker with a flat baseplate, or you simply want a custom pickup made to your specifications, just get in touch and we can chat about all the custom pickup options. Celentano pickups can custom design & wind you a bespoke set unique to you.

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Sanremo festival 2023

This 2023 Sanremo festival saw for the 1st time my Celentano pickup on stage Thanks to the collaboration with Air Fried custom guitars, I had the honour to build some pickups for the mighty Michele Zocca "aka" Michelangelo award winner music producer, composer,...

anna-greta-giannotti_The biggest stage

The biggest stage

The Latest stages we have been played, the guitar player and guitar maker, and the gear involved.     Miley Cyrus @ Lollapalooza 2021 with Max Bernstein, black Danocaster S-style, XX60 strat set.       Achille Lauro @ arena di Verona 2021...

Copper wires coats and thickness

Copper wires vintage style   Voicing a pickup is not only about the right number of turns and thickness of the wire; how copper layers are composed, as well as the wire insulation, define a pickup’s tonal response. Nowadays, there are almost 18 different types...

Custom Alnico

Alnico custom melt The first alnico was melted by Dr. Tokushichi Mishima, who patented its formula in Japan in 1931 and in the USA in 1932, beginning its global spread in different applications, such as audio speaker and military devices. The alloy immediately went...

Shiver guitars with Celentano

Shiver guitars with Celentano – Guitar Club Magazine –

Shiver guitars with Celentano: Diversi i tipi di pickup di bordo, installati in base al modello prodotto; più precisamente, Celentano Pickups e Shiver Guitars progettano in tandem tali pickup (talvolta inediti), i quali vanno a dare la voce alle chitarre Shiver....

celentano pickups interview

Interview- SM Strumenti Musicali

SPECIALE PICKUP: CONOSCERE, SCEGLIERE E CAMBIARE L'ANIMA DELLA CHITARRA SM Strumenti musicali è Il sito di riferimento per l'Italia per il mondo MI, dalla tradizione di 30 anni di rivista in carta stampata al digitale di oggi con i social network  vai all' articolo...

Handmade is a journey to sound

The sound that leaves us addicted   Our journey is made possible by our lifelong learning attitude & passion for guitars, and therefore the building of pickups. In the Celentano family we have been officially sound addicted since 1998. We started making a...

alnico raw ingredients Celentano pickups custom alloy

Custom parts

True vintage temper Each of the many pieces involved in the building process makes a subtle yet important contribution, and every sonic influence, big or small, will enhance or spoil the general performance of your pickup. Some components are only able to give...

Handmade pickups

The Celentano pickups are handmade pickups maker since 1994. In our more than 25 years of research, analysis and exhaustive studio-testing, we have always sought to create a sound that honours the artisans and musicians of the past, always while creating a space...

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