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The Latest stages we have been played, the guitar player and guitar maker, and the gear involved.



Miley Cyrus @ Lollapalooza 2021 with Max Bernstein, black Danocaster S-style, XX60 strat set.


Max_bernstein celentano pickups endorser

Max Bernstein 2021



Achille Lauro @ arena di Verona 2021 with Riccardo Castelli & Rufio, on Felix custom guitar, Modern PAF, Classic PAF, HST set.


Rufio with Lauro

Rufio with Lauro in “Latte+”




Biagio Antonacci @ San Siro Milano 2019 with Max Varini on EKO guitar, custom HB (min 2.22)


Max Varini @ S.Siro stadium 2019