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High Gain A5 humbucker

From: 170.00

High Gain A5 humbucker

From: 170.00

High resistance humbucking built with long A5 bar, powerful output, more compressed mids and instant attack, clear trebles thick and bright, fat bass precise and definite.

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short legs baseplate


Bee, black, cream, white, zebra

copper wire

Plain enamel 43 awg


alnico 5 bar

pole spacing

49,2 mm ptp, 50 mm ptp, 52 mm ptp, F Bridge 53mm ptp

output leads

4-Conductor Wire


wax potted

Our ” High gain ” is a revisitation of the mighty super distorsion but with an alnico magnet instead of the classic ceramic one.

Always an high resistance output  bridge humbucker built with a long bar alnico 5 and plain enamel 43 awg copper wire.

The mids frequencies are bit forward and creamy darkish , the trebles are thick and not so sharpy, always clear but with a reduced high peack and a beautiful compression, bass is metallic strong and with a good dry presence, super tone in distorsion with a definite and immediate attack, fat and with a great push.. clean is tidy and solid super responsive from pots control and rich string answer.

DCR circa 15,5 kohm



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