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gerardo celentano pickups
gerardo celentano pickups



the founder, a big soul and a dreamer

Gerardo Celentano’s first handwound pickup was built for fun to upgrade his son’s guitar; it was 1998 and it was the first step into one of the deepest passions of his life.

His brilliant mind was always focused on the matter at hand, and his early studies in chemistry proved to be extremely useful in many contexts, whether for mixing sublime perfumes or distilling antique home remedies. He maintained a series of crafts and projects for personal interest and amusement.

While he was the gorgeous father of 4 children, a grandpa, and a beloved husband, he left his earthly life to reach God in 2020. He was a devoted and spiritual man with an eager, smart mind, a true, passionate hard worker and a great kind soul.



player, craftman, holding the legacy

Behind the refined tone of Celentano pickups there is a lifelong story made of infinite passion melded with expertise, maniacal research, countless tests, dedication, achievements, and, naturally, lots of failures and hurdles. 

“I saw my dad doing many interesting things during his life, paintings, sculptures… Often it was stuff not really accessible to, like meditation or astrology… He was a genius, and so modest. 

When I was born, he was mixing amazing perfumes, with ancient Greek scents from extinct roses, then I saw him dive into the distillation of ancient herbal medicines, and when it was pickup time I soon trusted that together, with him, anything was possible… around 1998. 

It started as a game to spend time together. I did hear a story of a famous guitar my dad had and that my grandad sold to pay an incredible phone bill. So there was something interesting underneath… When I asked Gerardo, he said: not that guitar, but… that sound!! 

Then I saw again his genius… the passion which became obsession, and nowadays my profession. Maybe it’s a business, but I’m just spreading a bit of my father’s pure essence, and with infinite pride I build following his teaching and all his intuitions, and they’re clearly audible when playing our pickups”.


paolo-celentano-pickups winding


by sounds alone

and love for


To realize our superior tone we make no compromises with parts using custom forged magnets and high-quality components to give a warm, clear vibrant tone and the best faithful reproduction of the VINTAGE sound.

Our hand-wound copper and custom insulation treatment impart a personalized tone that will stand out in your mix in all the best ways. Our goal is to recover the vintage tone of a classic era combining intuitions, experience, and quality artisan craftmanship.

Copper Wire

 Handwound with the tightest dimensional and DC resistance tolerances available.
strict standards and the highest quality of wire to ensure you get an excellent tone.


Alnico alloys custom melt forged in strict collaboration with small factories from all around the globe,

the best magnets carefully selected following precise chemical and magnetical properties that define a true vintage tone.


Our hand-wound copper wiring and custom insulation treatment impart a personalized tone that will stand out in your mix in all the best ways.

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professional guitar pickups handbuilt for addicted tonelovers..crafted to heal vintage-sick people or simply wistful guitar players !! made in ITALY
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