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The sound that leaves us addicted


Our journey is made possible by our lifelong learning attitude & passion for guitars, and therefore the building of pickups. In the Celentano family we have been officially sound addicted since 1998.

We started making a detailed Vintage replica simply because they out-perform anything else and sound the best, with respect and great admiration for the masters of the past.

Many years spent in never-ending research that would lead us to perfection, it has demanded a lot of hard work to build the deep knowledge to obtain a proper magnet, If you find it hard to describe a feeling or an emotion or a taste, how you can successfully talk with an alnico factory about guitar tone? Well, it’s hard to be understood if you can’t speak their language.

Then you have to believe in what they do and that it is what you asked for, and not only the magnet with the closest magnetic curve available. So you have to check anyway by analyzing it, then make your considerations and improve your next alloy, correcting your mistakes.

..On average, a batch of alnico from abroad may require at least 3 months wait, and sometimes we wasted that time and lot of money just tuning the guitar after a few strums.

all this to get an highly specialized customization for our unique tone.

If you’re seeking any advice on the best type of pickup for your guitar, or simply want to spend a moment to read about us, you’re in the right place.

We look forward to making pickups that you will love for ever.


Gerardo Celentano