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600xx single coil pickup

From: 120.00

600xx single coil pickup

From: 120.00

(1 customer review)

Additional information

copper wire

Heavy formvar 43 awg


alnico 5 XX



output leads

Vintage Push-back Wire


wax potted

600xx single coil pickup


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1 review for 600xx single coil pickup

  1. Riccardo

    I tried the bridge pikcup of this set. After i’ve tried almost everything on the market this is the best bridge i’ve found. It has a very unique attack on the notes, it’s something i’ve found on some old gibson t-top (paf style): it has a soft but very defined representation of the lows that simulate a sort of latency/compression…but in a incredibly pleasant way that underlines the dynamic of your playing and picking attack. Another aspect is that it takes gain very very well: even with extreme amounts of overdrive it stills sound defined and clear, without being harsh…. but the most important thing is that it stills sound stratty. I think its perfect for some savages Malmsteen style riffs but it retains the dynamic for playing Blackmore just by rolling off the volume. Anyway the most pleasant thing is the “velvet” attack of the notes, very precise but at the same time a bit forgiving….. like a perfect single coil should be.

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