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PAT 21


PAT 21


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Bee, black, cream, white, zebra, parchment

copper wire

Plain enamel 42 awg, Plain enamel 43 awg


A5 short bar

output leads

4-Conductor Wire

pole spacing

50 mm ptp, 50/50 set, 50/52 set, 50/53 set (F-spaced), 52 mm ptp, 53 mm


wax potted


short legs baseplate

PAT XXI is an humbucker built to have a proper split coil resistance still trying to keep a low DCR , fusion of an high gain coil and low output one.

The screw coil is wound with a thinner copper wire (PEawg43), while the slug coil keeps the classic vintage gauge and insulation ( PEawg42 ) .

The alnico 5 bar give to the split coil a clear voice great in leads, gain or clean scenarios, with pleasant bright trebles and a gentle ferrous dynamic.

Great focus either full mode HB, instant attack and great dynamic, great push from the alnico and responsive compression of mids, super in crunch and high gain scenarios.

Usually the full HB neck comes at 9k and the proportion is around 65/35 % so screws coil will be circa 5.8k and slugs one 3,2 k.

Bridge as well is an hybrid of the same two gauges and insulation, the split coil is around 7 k while the slugs one measures 4,5 k for a total of approx 11,5 k ohm dcr.

The PAT XXI humbucker is built with unbalanced coil so the tone is complex with great articulation of mid highs, the main coil gets more presence and gives precision, the bite is powerful and with a rich response, sided by the wide tone of the low output bobbin, more deep and opened.

 always super sensitive & strong and versatile split and fat body in the full mode.

a custom Alnico 5 raw cast gives an evident rock temper, thick attack, powerful bass and balanced definition of every string.

Immediate touch response from strings and pots, excellent sustain and full armonic overtones.

DCR circa

  • neck 9 k
  • bridge 11.5 k

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