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Hybrid set


Hybrid set


  • Neck : ccwise plain enamel 43 awg, Alnico 5 sandcast staggered vintage alloy rod mags south up /no bev.
  • RWRP bridge : cwise heavy formvar 42 awg, Alnico 5 sandcast staggered vintage alloy slug mags north up /no bev.

DCR circa :

  • neck 7.4 K
  • bridge 7.8 K

Additional information

copper wire

Heavy formvar 42 awg, Plain enamel 43 awg




alnico 5 Vintage

output leads

Vintage Push-back Wire


wax potted

neck tele cover

chrome, nichel

Custom melt vintage alloy sandcast staggered alnico 5 magnets,0,187″ / 4,75 mm

Neck pickup scooped and rithmic, trebles slightly smooth and crispy dynamics, clear and limpid voice, deep breath of bass and low end full of sustain.

Bridge pickup super balanced with tight bass, fat and strong mids with super articulation and gently in evidence, trebles thick and smooth but with sharp response.

Classic twangy intermediate position, extra twang almost funky and slightly acoustic tone with a sweet and mellow voice.


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