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copper wire

Heavy formvar 42 awg


alnico 5 bar


bridge, neck, RWRP set, set

output leads

Shielded Push-back Wire, 2 Leads + ground

pole spacing

50 mm ptp


unpotted, wax potted

P90 built with A5 magnets, to balance the treble push of the alnico we use a smooth heavy formvar copper wire coil with a resistance of 8,2 @ neck and 9 k @ bridge.

range of  frequencies super complete and so a wide tone with great mids compression, the clarity comes from a decise pull of this alnico 5 that gives a super definition to the neck pickup in every dynamic condition, and a solid presence of fat mids to the bridge pickup, hot and thick , the two pickups together in the middle position are twangy and acoustic.


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